King Charles Cavalier Dog

Cavalier King Charles fun day

George the Cavalier had a fun day out at the Cavalier King Charles of Victoria Club day out in Cranbourne. Lots of Cavi’s to sniff their butts!! George won a prize in the raffle to take his parents out to tea and go carting.  Lots of food samples from Royal Canin and Advance to try. […]

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How patient is this tricolor Cavalier

This tricolor is so patient with this little pup. Not sure George would be so calm. He’d have walked off in no time.

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Cavalier King Charles spaniel in drop position

Obedience class for your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

One of the main reasons for getting your Cavalier King Charles spaniel enrolled in an obedience class is to establish a foundation that helps you and the dog relate effectively. Disobedient dogs are not fun to have around and can drive their owners to distraction. As an owner if you feel out of your depth […]

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Cavalier King Charles needs exercise

Exercise with your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the very name itself breathes royalty and rightly so.  The breed traces its proud ancestry back to the Royal Courts and Blenheim Palace in England.  These dogs were the comforters to ladies from the royal courts in Spain and Holland, and of course we have King Charles II who was so […]

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Training with use of a crate

How to crate train your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Bringing home a long awaited Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a joy indeed!  This is the perfect family dog and needs to be with people.  The breed thrives on human contact and needs people around the home constantly.  If you live alone and work long hours outside the home, this is not the dog for […]

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George the Cavalier King Charles

What to feed your Cavalier King Charles spaniel Dog

From the moment you bring home that warm buddle of fluff, you become responsible for feeding and caring for it. The dog will depend on you for its food, exercise, grooming and love. It’s a huge responsibility because your actions in regard to your puppy will determine to a large extent the longevity of its […]

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