George had an adventure today

My Mum gave George a couple of raw lamb chops as a treat for him to eat.  What did George do?  He promptly buried them in the garden right where I had put fresh mulch from a couple of bushes I had pulled out.  I think something in the wood must have stung him as […]

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Getting George ready to get his nails cut

Caring for your Cavalier King Charles’ nails, eyes and ears

When you decide to bring home a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, you become responsible for all of its needs.  Apart from feeding the dog, you need to ensure that it enjoys good health and is clean at all times.  There is an abundance of dog grooming supplies available on the market and knowing what to […]

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

George my Cavalier King Charles at Blue Rock Lake, Victoria, Australia

George, my Mum and I went to Blue Rock Lake for a day trip today.  It was a beautiful sunny day and after a very cold winter I thought it would be nice to let him have a run around.  I packed George & my Mum in the car and drove 30 minutes through Willow […]

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Cavalier King Charles being bathed

How to bathe your Cavalier King Charles dog

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are such beautiful animals and a well groomed, clean coat is a pleasure to behold.  For most breeds, grooming is quite a challenge and bathing even more so.  However, in the Cavalier you have a dog that is gentle and keen to please.  The sweet disposition of the Cavalier goes a […]

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Cavalier King Charles grooming techniques

Grooming your Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are happy, intelligent little dogs with absolutely gorgeous coats.  These friendly, gentle and extremely lovable dogs need a regular grooming regime to keep their coats looking beautiful.  It is recommended that you engage in a daily brushing routine; general grooming once a week and a full grooming every six weeks. This […]

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Ruby and Blenheim Cavalier King Charles

Dangerous treats to avoid giving your Cavalier King Charles

Dogs make great pets and owning a Cavalier King Charles spaniel means a lifetime of love and doggy attention.  Looking after your dog is a huge responsibility that extends to the foods you feed your dog and the care you lavish on it.  There is no doubt that you love your dog dearly and are often […]

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