Sebastian & George playing on the floor

Socialising your Cavalier King Charles

You will soon find that your Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a highly intelligent and very sociable breed.  Training these dogs is easy as they have a gentle disposition and a great eagerness to please.  Rewards and an abundance of praise is what this dog thrives on.  Your Cavalier will flourish when given plenty of […]

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Cavalier King Charles Geroge

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy Essentials

Bringing home your Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy has got to be one joyous time for any dog enthusiast. You have invested time and energy in learning about the breed, and in selecting a fine pup.  Suddenly, doubts assail you as you start wondering whether you are really ready to bring the pup home.  Keep […]

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George the Cavalier King Charles – hiding his ball

Check out George hiding his ball behind the boxes. It’s a game he plays when he wants to get your attention to come and play with him. However, I caught him in the act and doesn’t he look guilty! He can of course retrieve his own ball, as you will see. Cheeky dog!  

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Vaccinations will keep your Cavalier King Charles happy

Essential Vaccinations for your Cavalier King Charles

It is quite probable that your little fluff ball will receive its first vaccines while under the breeder’s care.  Reputed breeders provide new owners with a medical file detailing the dog’s health record.  This will help the vet you choose to continue with the necessary vaccinations/ treatment once your puppy comes home. Essential Vaccinations for […]

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George is off to Gippsland Paws & More

George is having a holiday!  He’s off to Gippsland Paws & More kennel & cattery for a few days.  It is luxury boarding accommodation for either your cat or dog or any other pet you may have.  The facilities are located in Poowong and  if you are in the Gippsland area I highly recommend them. […]

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George the Cavalier King Charles after a trip to the vet

Visiting the vet with your Cavalier King Charles

One of the most important responsibilities of owning a Cavalier is to find a really good, reputed vet for the dog.  This breed is prone to quite a few illnesses unfortunately, and having a reliable vet on hand from the start of the dog’s life with you is a good thing. When you buy your […]

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