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An interesting bit of information about Cavalier King Charles spaniels is that most people don’t actually recognise the difference between King Charles spaniels and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. The two are different breeds with different characteristics, identities and breed standards.  The only common point really is that they happen to share similar coat colours.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel only gained recognition with the Kennel Club in 1945. However, the origin of the King Charles spaniel dates back to the 15th century and the European courts.

For those of you intending to bring home a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, you may do well to remember the basics of the breed’s characteristics. The Cavalier has a skull that is almost flat between the ears, strong jaws, perfect teeth and scissor bite. The feet are well feathered and cushioned. The breed colours include Blenheim, Ruby, Black and Tan and Tri-colour. A general description typical of the Cavalier breed is a gay friendly dog that is not aggressive and shows no nervous tendencies.

Ruby Cavalier King Charles

The Ruby Cavalier has a rich red coloured coat with no white markings at all. The breed is distinguished by its long nose and heavy build when compared with the King Charles spaniel. Cavaliers have beautiful dark eyes that are large and very expressive. The long richly feathered ears are another sign of the great beauty of this breed. The Cavalier is intelligent with great vision and a fine sense of smell; very useful for hunting.

Bring home a Cavalier to light up your life; this breed of dog is very good-natured and easy going. It loves being around people and other dogs.  The dog craves human company and is often used as a lapdog.  Anyone looking for a canine companion simply could not do better than to get a beautiful Ruby or any other coloured Cavalier King Charles spaniel for a pet. The dog has a very cheerful disposition, is feisty and quite fearless despite the smallness of its size and is hyperactive around the home.

Showing a Ruby Cavalier King Charles

If you have plans to register your Ruby Cavalier for participation in dog shows you need to ensure that the coat is a full rich red colour with no white markings at all. The coat has to be of regular length, free from curls and silken to touch. Feathering has to be long on the ears, chest, tail and legs.  It is not permissible by show standards to trim the dog’s coat and the dog can be eliminated from the competition if you do.

Next time we will look at whether to buy a male or female Cavalier King Charles dog.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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