Proof of pure bred Cavalier King Charles dog

Pure breed features

Falling in love with the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is not that hard to do.  One look at these cuter than cute little puppies and you will lose your heart.  The breed is delightfully playful, highly intelligent and extremely affectionate.  The expressive eyes and gentleness of the dog makes them very hard to resist.

Once you have decided to buy your Cavalier King Charles dog, your first goal should be to find a reputable breeder. You are going to require proof of the pedigree and pureness of the breed. You will also require a health guarantee as these documents are an attestation that the breeder is adhering to the highest breeding standards.

Where do puppies come from?

Puppies come from different sources of breeders that include:

  • Puppy mills: where the emphasis is more on churning out large quantities of puppies.  Here quantity supersedes quality and a puppy farm is not considered a good place to buy a healthy, pedigreed dog.
  • Hobby breeders: typically breed dogs as a mere hobby without any real interest or knowledge in the breed itself. The breeder’s interest will at best be a casual one.
  • Backyard breeders: families who breed dogs ‘just because’ with no real interest or experience in animal longevity and hereditary health issues of the breed.
  • Show breeders: raise dogs for showing and competing and these dogs will be of the highest quality, provided you are looking for show dogs. If you are looking for a house pet, find a professional breeder who is focused on raising dogs with healthy histories and pleasing temperaments.

You have decided to buy a pure bred dog

If you are interested in buying a pure bred Cavalier King Charles dog, be prepared to spend anywhere between $500 to $3,500 dollars.  However, the unconditional love and the feel of a soft warm body will more than make up for the money spent to buy the puppy.

Once you know what type of dog you are interested in, whether show dog or house pet, you can start looking for breeders.  Start your search with breeders located near you.  The breeder should be registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) or the equivalent club in your country.  This will to some extent guarantee the quality of the dogs bred.

It is your responsibility to make sure the puppy you buy comes from a healthy line and the parents are of a good disposition.  Once you are satisfied, make sure you get a bill of sale after the payment is made.  Also ask for a contract to seal the terms of the sale.  Proof of vaccinations, health guarantee, pedigree registration papers and test clearance certificates should all be handed over to you once the sale is complete.

Next time we will look at the Black & Tan Cavalier King Charles dog breed.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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