Obedience class for your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles spaniel in drop position

George in drop position

One of the main reasons for getting your Cavalier King Charles spaniel enrolled in an obedience class is to establish a foundation that helps you and the dog relate effectively. Disobedient dogs are not fun to have around and can drive their owners to distraction. As an owner if you feel out of your depth trying to obedience train your pet, it is best to seek professional help.

Why take your Cavalier King Charles spaniel to an obedience classes?

No doubt there are numerous schools offering obedience classes for different dog breeds. You need to know what you expect to gain from sending your dog to obedience school and then look for one that matches your requirements.

A good obedience class will train the dog to understand the proper responses or behaviour that is expected of it, as opposed to misbehaving. A well trained dog will be able to respond to your commands properly. This stems from the dog being taught that the people in its home are the real leaders and there is security and love in this authority.

What you need to achieve with obedience training for your Cavalier is for certain basic needs to be fulfilled. These needs include exercise, security in knowing and doing what is expected, becoming socially interactive and redirecting mental energy resourcefully.

Choosing an obedience class

When selecting an obedience class for your Cavalier King Charles spaniel, pay close attention to the trainer and look for the following attributes:

  • The trainer should really love dogs and people, capable of interacting well with animals and people
  • Has the education, training and field experience to successfully train your dog
  • A strong sense of ethics that is applied to the business
  • Enormous patience to handle stubborn dogs, and an awareness that anger, harshness and abuse are not part of the training protocol
  • A professional approach to training dogs
  • Exercises respect, empathy, kindness, compassion and encouragement when dealing with the charges under his or her care and with their owners
  • Trains the dogs through shaping and moulding their behaviour into socially acceptable patterns
  • Makes use of a variety of techniques to train the dogs as no two dogs typically react the same way
  • Demonstrates a genuine passion for working with dogs.

Cavaliers thrive on attention, praise and lots of love. The obedience school you choose should have a trainer who can provide training in a fun, relaxed way with logic and kind-hearted patience.

Next time we will look at how to train your Cavalier King Charles.


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  1. joanne chandler says:

    I have a 6 month old cavalier, Harry, awesome, stubborn, my issue is he has a finicky stomach, cant handle most treats or chew bones, especially the “green bones” to clean his teeth. He is in great health, but just this one issue I cannot get straightened out! He is eating “Simply Nourish”! Also, I was told by his trainer to give him a small taste of honey daily, Suggestions, please

  2. Katherine Sayre says:

    Can you recommend an obedience instructor in Visalia, California ? Or classes around my area?

    • Hi Katherine, I would love too recommend someone but I live in Australia. Ask your local vet, they might know of a good instructor. Cheers George

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