Male or Female Cavalier King Charles?

The Cavalier King Charles is a very loving, active, energetic and happy dog that is simply perfect for a family. However, many people are faced with the dilemma of whether to choose a male or female puppy.   This is an important decision and needs to be thought through quite carefully. There are pros and cons to taking male or female puppies. Once you are aware of what you are undertaking, the final decision will really be based on your personal preference.

Male and Female Cavalier King Charles characteristics

Male Cavaliers are known to mark their territory very prominently in comparison to females. However, female dogs when threatened will mark their territory as well. Since the female Cavalier is not prone to marking its territory, house training a female dog becomes easier.

Female Cavaliers tend to demonstrate less aggression when compared to the male species. They are also far less likely to hump people, other pets or objects to show their dominance.  The female Cavalier has an independent streak and likes some quiet time. There are times when your female dog may appear a wee bit distant as she does not want to be touched.

Female dogs are generally known to be stubborn and this makes general training a bit of a problem. On the whole Cavaliers are a very intelligent breed, extremely eager to please their owners and this makes training males and females a reasonably easy task. Females that have not been spayed go on heat in a 6 month cycle, which means cleaning up a mess in the house. The danger of the dog getting impregnated is always a risk for unsprayed dogs.

Why you should Neuter your Cavalier King Charles

There is one important point that needs to be mentioned at this stage – regardless of whether you choose a male or female puppy, if you do not plan to use the pet for breeding, you need to have it neutered or spayed as the case may be. Various studies have shown a definite link between the absence of neutering or spaying to certain cancers. If you neuter or spay your Cavalier, you greatly reduce the chances of the dog contracting different types of cancers. Other benefits to neutering or spaying a pet include: reducing the humping and territorial marking, increases the pet’s lifespan and allows it to live a healthier life.

Each animal is different and comes with its own personality and behaviour traits. Regardless of whether you choose a male or female Cavalier spaniel, you will have many long years of enjoyment with this amazing breed of dog.

Next time we will look at a Cavalier King Charles dog and children.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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  1. i am a owner of a king charles cavalier i dont know if it is one hundred percent necessay to fix him hes a male i do not want to use him for breeding but i am afraid it will change his personality or maybe endanger his life span comment please let me know thank u

    • Hi Brumell, one of the reasons to fix a male is a high incidence of testicle cancer. I had George fixed and he is the same happy dog he was before. Only now he doesn’t try to hump everything! If you are uncertain as to what is best, I would speak to your local vet.

  2. HI! We have had our femaie cavaliier for six months. She appears to be potty trained. She will go when taken outside. We bought gates when we first got her home. So, she has never had full run of our house. Basically she stays in the kitchen. She does not seem to signal when she has to go to the bathroom. When we let her out of the kitchen or she gets out on her own, she usually has an accident. Is this deliberate? How can we get her to stop?

    Thank you! We would appreciate any help!!

    • Hi Tricia, have your tried walking with her through the house? She may be excited to be going into a new area and her reaction is to wee. It could be to mark her scent or it’s from excitement. Where she has peed in the past needs to be washed to completely remove her scent, to discourage her from re-offending in the same place. A 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water dabbed onto the soiled areas is best, avoid using ammonia based products as one of the ingredients of dog urine is ammonia and she may be encouraged to re-offend in the same area. If you are still having problems, talk to your local vet, they may have other ideas of how to stop the problem. Also never smack her when she pees, a dog doesn’t understand being hit.

  3. Dawn Dellapina says:

    HI, I have a 5 1/2 month old Cavalier male puppy, Bentley. The last couple of months we have been dealing with him biting and licking his paws. We took him to the vet, he worn a cone for a week, while I applied 3 topical medications to his leg, twice a day. We are in the last week of the meds and he is still biting, but now he is fighting with his back legs. He is not bored, he goes for great walks and gets plenty of rest. We restricted his diet to only his food ( Science Diet…recommended by our Vet). He has an allergy to something and I feel it may be the food. It is made of wheat and corn. Before we brought Bentley home I read up on all the different foods, and evertyhing I read said not to feed your puppy wheat and corn. Do you have any recommendations for food for cavaliers? Also, any good chew sticks and treats that are good for Cavaliers? Any advice or suggestions at this point would be welcome.


    • Hi Dawn, sounds like Bentley is having a rough time, I hope he’s feeling better. George is a very fussy eater and he won’t eat any kind of tinned food and he won’t eat dry food on it’s own. I now feed George raw meat eg. beef, lamb or chicken pieces or mince and mix into the meat a few handfuls of dry food. For dry food I usually feed him Royal Canin for Cavalier King Charles dogs or any other kind of premium brand. Science Diet is a very good brand to use. In terms of treats George loves dried liver and dried chicken breasts. In Australia, we have a brand called Blackdog that is very good, I’m not sure what country you are in but if you go down to a pet warehouse shop, they will have a variety of treats and I would ask which is the most popular and see if Bentley likes it. One food that George will always eat is raw bones and raw chicken necks. I think it’s quite gross but he loves them! Unfortunately it’s a bit of trial and error to see what will work with Bentley. I wish you luck!

    • my neighbours dog is allergic to fleas as is my cat. im not saying he has fleas but they do pick them up in the garden. could it be that??? try spraying house regularly with acclaim and use frontline regularly. my cat and my neighbours dog get scabby bauld patches when theyve been bitten.

  4. also for spraying cats and dogs. my vet recomened washing detergent its not amonnia and it neutralises thier scent not just to u but to them. works wonders when neighbours cat staked my house as its territory. just add cap full to bucket and wash areas plus i put in spray bottle and spray house with it, so no animal smells in general

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