How to crate train your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Training with use of a crate

Cavalier King Charles crate training

Bringing home a long awaited Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a joy indeed!  This is the perfect family dog and needs to be with people.  The breed thrives on human contact and needs people around the home constantly.  If you live alone and work long hours outside the home, this is not the dog for you.  On the other hand, if you work from home, are retired or have people living at home 24/7, by all means take home a Cavalier spaniel.

Crate training your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Crate training your Cavalier will need to be started as soon as you bring the puppy home.  Set up the designated area before you actually bring the pup home.  You can build a puppy area with either particle board or metal pen sections.  Or, you can buy a ready made crate from the pet store.  The area should be large enough to house the bed, water and food bowls, toys, walk-about space and a blanket.  The area should not be too big or else the puppy will dirty in one place and sleep in another.

Before you bring your puppy home and begin crate training it, you need to first steel yourself to be absolutely FIRM!  When your little one cries, you will feel your heart breaking.  If you surrender to the feeling, you are not going to have a well trained dog.  As soon as you bring the puppy home, put it in the crate.  Take it outside at frequent intervals

Crate training is a very challenging part of owning a puppy, but Cavalier King Charles spaniel’s are very intelligent and a few training sessions should do the trick of getting your dog house trained.

When to use crate training

Your puppy goes in the crate when you are not at home, are busy or sleeping.  Place the crate in an area where you and the rest of the family spend a lot of time.  You can have two crates, one for the designated area and one in your bedroom so that your dog sleeps in the same room as you at night.

When you first introduce your Cavalier puppy to the crate, please don’t simply push it into the crate.  It will hate that and thereafter you will have problems getting the dog into crate.  Let the dog explore the crate on its own, its curiosity will take it inside and the toys you put there will attract its attention.  Getting your puppy to go into the crate can be done by placing a treat in the crate during the initial days.  When the puppy goes in to get the treat, don’t slam the door shut immediately.  Closing the door needs to be done slowly and only for a couple of minutes each time to start with.  Slowly leave the puppy inside for longer periods of time.

Never use the crate to punish your dog!

Next time we will look at exercising your Cavalier King Charles.



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