Exercise with your Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cavalier King Charles needs exercise

Exercising your Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles spaniel, the very name itself breathes royalty and rightly so.  The breed traces its proud ancestry back to the Royal Courts and Blenheim Palace in England.  These dogs were the comforters to ladies from the royal courts in Spain and Holland, and of course we have King Charles II who was so addicted to his Cavaliers he forgot all about attending to the affairs of state, and who could blame him!

How often do you need to walk your Cavalier King Charles spaniel?

Your Cavalier King Charles spaniel is considered a toy breed, meaning it’s a small dog, but don’t underestimate the huge personality!  These dogs do not require too much by way of exercise as the Cavalier is one merry, active little thing in itself.  What is recommended is a regular walk each day to keep the dog in peak condition.  If you can do two or more daily walks so much the better.  The walks do not need to be very long ones; short walks around the block will do just as well.

Exercise is an important part of a dog’s life and helps to keep it active and healthy.  If you have an independent dwelling with a garden or backyard, your little one can get a lot of exercise outdoors.  Please note that before you bring the puppy home you need to reinforce your fencing around the garden or yard to secure the area when the dog is in it.  These dogs have absolutely no road sense and you will find it very nearly impossible to teach it to your dog.  Moreover, your Cavalier is a natural born chaser, it will chase anything!  Periodic maintenance of your fence will also be necessary because Cavaliers are highly intelligent; if there is a small hole to be found, just that one small one, mind you, your pet will find it!

Car trips are the best!

Cavaliers very quickly adapt to car drives and a ride out into the country or to the beach will be very welcome for your dog.  These dogs are enthusiastic participants in all family activities and you can have great fun taking your dog with you on trips.  You will also need to find the time to play games with your Cavalier; it has a bright mind that needs stimulation.  The breed also craves human contact and companionship, but then the whole purpose in taking a dog really is to love and be loved.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel like any other dog breed is totally dependent on its owner for companionship, safety, health and general well being.  When you take ownership of a dog, you in effect take on the responsibility of a new life.

Next time we will look at an obedience class for your Cavalier King Charles.


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  1. janice carrico says:

    My female cavalier king charles is in her second heat…when is she most fertile?????? Someone please answer mw!!!

  2. Annika Wheble says:

    Hello, I’m getting a Cavalier aking Charles puppy next week an I’m wondering if tree walks a day, including a field walk when my husband comes home from work, as I can’t take the pram on the filed walk is too much wen the puppy gets older? We live in the country side and I’ve already explored the walking paths when walkin my neighbour’s dog. I’m a working from home house wife so I’m home most of the time.

    • Hi Annika, Congratulations on your new family member. You have made the right decision to get a Cavvie, they are loving, loyal and fun dogs to live with. Firstly, do other dogs walk this path too? I would keep your puppy away from areas other dogs go until it has been fully vaccinated. The Parvo virus is spread through dog feces and is highly contagious to unvaccinated dogs. If you read my post Essential Vaccinations for your Cavalier King Charles it talks about the 3 vaccinations a puppy must have. Until the course is complete your dog can catch Parvo. I would keep your dog confined to your property for the time being, which I know with a little puppy will be challenging as it will have a lot of energy. Then absolutely walk your dog through the trees and it will enjoy exploring all the smells it comes across! Good luck, cheers Jo & George

  3. We have a 6month old king charles – not cavalier – and im starting with a 10k run – if i train him at a similar speed to how i train myself will he be okay? And my end goal is 40k which I know will probably be too much for a small dog but I have been told it is possible given the right training. Any help?

    • Hi Rach, Congrats on getting a wonderful companion for you! I walk quite a lot with George and he can certainly keep up for a few hours and then sleeps a lot! I have seen people running with small dogs and I would think 10kms would be fine. I cannot answer if 40kms would be too much, I think you will need to make observations as you go to see how he is coping. Make sure you have plenty of water and enjoy your time together!

  4. We walk our 1 year old cavalier every day….a mile or two….and she is panting excessively after. Is this normal. We have water available for her and she drinks some after she gets home, collapses on the sofa and cools off. I’m concerned that the exercise may be too much for her.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Sheila, George is a very active Cavalier and we go for walks everyday, for about 3 or 4 klm’s. He does get a bit panty afterwards and lays on his cool mat to recover. If you have concerns over your Cavi’s health, I recommend you ask your vet. cheers George

    • Hi myone doing the same don’t like drink lots water but when comen back from walk straight way Going for drink.. I walking my boy cavalier sometimes 3 time a day for about 45 minutes..

  5. Paul Foley says:


    I have a 4 1/2 year old Cavalier King Charles. I often bring him on walks with me that get up to between 10 and 15km’s, 14km’s just last Sunday. He loves the beach and the water, during the summer he will swim about 1/2 to 1km a day up the beach with me, sometimes this can be during a long walk.

    He has no weight issue ( vets continuously comment that he is a really good weight in fact) and looks smaller than pretty much all other cavaliers we meet.

    He is a very social and happy dog but i did notice slightly heavier than usual breathing for about 20 to 30 mins after last Sundays walk.

    Im worried maybe its getting too much for him, the longer hikes….but he appears to love it. We have plenty water stops and food breaks for him always…about once per hour etc so we do look after him. Just wondering waht people think.

    • Hi Paul, one thing I know from owing a very active Cavi is that there is no stop button until they fall over. My George will keep on going and going. I’d keep an eye on his breathing and see if it happens again. If it does it may be a good idea to have your vet check his heart. Cavis are prone to a heart condition called Mitral Valve Disease. Your dog would be young to have this.

  6. Bob Baratta says:

    I have a 2 yr old male cavalier. Pedicreed. From breeder. Picked Charley at 8 weeks. Was same size as rest litter. he is 35 lbs and big for a king, about42 inch long. Not fat. So why/how this size. He is moderately active but a great true cavalier. Is this very unusual? After hardshort runs he pants a lot. My vet thinks he is normal. Maybe I should gradually increase his activity level???thx

    • George says:

      Hi Bob, is Charley 40 cms or 40 inches? George is very active but gets puffy afterwards. I got him a cooling mat he could lay on. This helps to cool him down quicker.

  7. The Orange Lady says:

    Good Morning! We are the proud new parents of a male king charles cavalier (8 months old). We adore him and his a busy full of energy little guy! However, it seems that he doesn’t sleep at all. He is up all night and during the day, only sleeps if on my lap. What can we do to make it more comfortable for him to fall asleep and rest. Thank you

    • Congratulations!! Cavaliers are loving and loyal dogs. When puppies they can be a handful. So much energy!!! Walking your precious bundle at least 30 minutes a day will help. Does your little guy like to fetch? Throwing a ball around for 10 minutes will also help reduce that limitless energy. Having a regular sleep time and routine can get him ready at the end of the night. Good luck. Let me know how you go.

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