Dry vs. natural food for your Cavalier King Charles

Getting a brand new bundle of fluff and love is a life defining moment.  Anyone who has a dog wants only the best for their little friend.  In our enthusiasm we often end up feeding dogs the wrong foods and that can be harmful to them.  There are commercially available dry and wet foods from diverse dog food companies.  There is also the natural food that people actually cook to feed their dogs.  Let us explore these possibilities in this article so you can make an informed choice.

What does your Cavalier King Charles like to eat?

In order to feed your Cavalier King Charles right, you need to understand the dog’s eating habits and preferences.  A common problem with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is the breed’s pre-disposition to obesity.  Research has shown that obesity is common among the breed and often leads to nutritional related diseases and illnesses.

Commercially prepared dog foods typically have labels that confuse dog owners to a great extent.  Deciphering these things will need special powers it would appear!  It has been proven that various chemicals and preservatives in dog foods cause organ failure, cancer, liver failure, allergic reactions and immunity problems among others.

Furthermore, you need to be aware that animal by-products are not safe for dogs.  What do by-products actually mean?  Organs, blood, bones, intestines, feet, beaks are some of these by-products that should not be fed to your dog.

Dry dog food like kibble is easy to store and servings are easy to measure out, especially when you are in a rush.  Dry food is good for the dog’s teeth and gums; helps to firm stools and is a cheaper alternative to feeding your dog.  It would appear that some dry foods are high in gluten and are often sprayed with animal fat, a totally unnecessary ingredient.

Home cooked meals

If you have the time, cooking natural home foods for your dog is one of the safest ways to ensure it stays healthy. Some Cavalier King Charles are prone to Mitral Valve Disease or MVD and home-cooked meals can be customised to provide the dog with foods that strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys . The downside of course lies in the time it will take you to cook the meals and to ensure that you are providing well balanced ones.

A balanced, home-cooked meal of meat and vegetables that are fresh makes one of the best diets for your dog.  You can feed the dog fresh fruits and use organic produce that is preservative free.  Some Cavalier King Charles owners believe that raw foods are good for the dog, but you will need to decide what is best for your dog.

As more evidence comes to light about the various inconsistencies and harmful additives in processed foods for pets, more pet owners are choosing to go the natural route rather than risk harm to their beloved pets.

Next time we will look at dangerous treats for your Cavalier King Charles.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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  1. There are some good quility kibble out there. Home-cooked is great but if you don’t have time check out brands like Wellness and Royal Caine. I have also heard a lot of debate about puppy vs adult food lately…some people think puppy food isn’t needed since now a days top quility adlut food are good.

  2. I prefer to give it dry food in the morning because you dont have time to cook or go to get some groceries you will be late for work.So give it home cooked meals at night.

  3. I have been trying to find a good quality raw diet for my cavalier. She will usually try it, eat it all and then once i purchase it she refuses to eat it. I decided to cook the food and she still refuses it. I have tried various organic kibble with the same results. She will in fact eat various raw veggies over her dog food and will eat like she is ravenous when visiting family and she reaches their kibble before I can pick up their food dish. They chose to feed whatever is on sale at the grocery store. Any suggestions to a well balanced whole food diet for my little girl?

    • Hi Theresa, aren’t cavis just the weirdest eaters. My George is very fussy. He will only eat chicken. Roast chicken to be precise. Occasionally he will eat other meats. Then after awhile he won’t eat chicken. It drives me batty! He won’t eat dry food on its own. Only mixed in with the chicken. So I feel your pain. I asked my vet years ago and she said give him what he will eat. So that’s what I do. Hope you can find something he will eat.

      • I’m glad you Worked it out with your Cavilier. Having just recently lost my last Cavi to Congestive heart failure and being a nurse myself, I have big concerns about the proper nutrient value of commercially prepared foods., i.e. Calcium-phosphorus ratios, salt content, potassium levels etc… So trying to keep as natural and organic as I can is proving a challenge. When I find the right formula I with share with you all. Have an awesome week everyone! 😄

        • Thanks Theresa, I’m very much the same. There are websites that rank dog food according to the nutritional value. You would be surprised how bad some popular foods are. Would love to hear what you find out!!

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