Dangerous treats to avoid giving your Cavalier King Charles

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Dogs make great pets and owning a Cavalier King Charles spaniel means a lifetime of love and doggy attention.  Looking after your dog is a huge responsibility that extends to the foods you feed your dog and the care you lavish on it.  There is no doubt that you love your dog dearly and are often tempted to share the treats you enjoy with your precious pet.  However, not all treats that humans consume are good for dogs, chocolates being a case in point.

Giving Treats to your Cavalier King Charles

Treats are a great way to demonstrate affection for your pet because every time you hand one out, you are telling your pet how much you love it.  Treats are also used to motivate dogs when training them and it works quite well.  However, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to give a pet healthy treats that can provide nutritional value to the dog.

Cavaliers have a tendency to obesity, so keeping that in mind it is important to feed your dog low calorie, nutritious treats.  It is preferable and safer for the dog to feed it small sized treats that contain natural ingredients like proteins.

Every dog owner loves his or her pet so why would we ever want to feed it treats that are dangerous or harmful?  It is hoped that the information in this article will help create awareness on the dangers of feeding your Cavalier the wrong treats.

What treats should be avoided

Avoid feeding your Cavalier treats that are colour dyed to resemble steak and chicken titbits.  The dyes in treats that make them look attractive are actually hard for the dog to digest.  The result can be a badly upset tummy and if the dog vomits on the carpet, you end up with a permanent multi coloured stain.

Feeding your Cavalier King Charles table scraps as treats is also not a good idea.  The foods are often high in calories and sometimes harmful as in the case of chocolate.  Rawhide bones are a much advertised treat for dogs to chew on.  However, check where the rawhide originates from as some products may contain arsenic based chemicals.  Further, the bones if you do buy them should be the right size for your dog and not something that is a choking hazard.

Sweets or lollies on the whole are not a good idea for dogs and it is best to avoid using them as treats.  Many sweetened treats contain Xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol used to sweeten products.  When a dog ingests this substance it can cause acute liver failure and that is pretty scary.

Next time we will look at grooming your Cavalier King Charles.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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  1. Good post. When we went camping we took our Chesney with us and he came in for rather more titbits and sausage rolls than was normal and started ignoring his own food. We ended up at the vet’s back home with an infected anal gland and a large bill for an operation, which was not nice for Chesney at all. Lesson learned!

  2. The only treats my cavalier puppy gets are raw (washed) baby carrots he likes bites of apple too. I try to stay away from store bought treats. Even tho cavaliers are food driven we use “good dog” and love as a treat for good behavior.

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