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Bringing home your Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy has got to be one joyous time for any dog enthusiast. You have invested time and energy in learning about the breed, and in selecting a fine pup.  Suddenly, doubts assail you as you start wondering whether you are really ready to bring the pup home.  Keep reading to find out about puppy essentials and how to prepare for your new pup.

One of the first things to be aware of is your new pup is going to miss its mom, siblings and familiar surroundings.  It will probably cry now and then and this should typically last the first night or two.  As the puppy settles into its new surroundings the crying will stop.  It is very tempting to carry the pup and cuddle it when it whimpers, but it is advisable not to.  If you give in to the temptation to carry the pup, it soon learns to cry just to get picked up.

Puppy proofing for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Indoors: when choosing the area for the puppy pen, please ensure that there are no electrical cables or power points, low surfaces, open cabinets or anything that maybe considered a danger to the puppy.

Outdoors: Cavalier puppies will find that ‘one’ hole in the fence to escape out off, or they can get stuck between the bars in a wrought iron gate.  Make sure your garden is completely secure in every possible way before you let your puppy out.  Please exercise extra caution if you have a pond in your garden.

Setting up a designated puppy area

Your puppy should have its own space from the day it comes home.  You can buy a crate or make the pen using particle board, metal or plastic sheets.  Put the bed, litter box, water bowl and chewy toys inside.  Make sure there is enough space for the little guy to wander about and explore.  Where you locate the puppy pen is entirely up to you; however, you may want to put it as near as possible to the door leading to the garden (if you have one).  Kitchens or utility rooms are the usual choice.  The bed should be of moulded plastic which is chew resistant!

Puppy items you will need

Metal bowls for water and food are the safest and come highly recommended.  You will also need a collar and leash.  Don’t go overboard when buying these items as they will soon need replacing when the puppy grows up.

Toilet training

Cavaliers like most pups have poor bladder control until they hit 16 weeks of age.  It is essential that you take your puppy outdoors several times a day and night as well, to avoid the mess indoors.

Enjoy your new Cavalier puppy!

Next time we will investigate what to feed your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.

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