Caring for your Cavalier King Charles’ nails, eyes and ears

Getting George ready to get his nails cut

George in the sink

When you decide to bring home a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, you become responsible for all of its needs.  Apart from feeding the dog, you need to ensure that it enjoys good health and is clean at all times.  There is an abundance of dog grooming supplies available on the market and knowing what to choose can be an overwhelming task.  You can always seek the advice of your vet in all grooming matters and the kinds of products that will best suit your dog.  You will find the information on caring for your Cavalier’s nails, eyes and ears in this article quite useful.


Give your new puppy some time to settle in and then start the grooming sessions.  Gentle strokes with the brush to keep the coat looking shiny and clean, checking the ears, paws and body for lumps or unusual skin conditions and nail trimming will be required.  Start out by holding the dog’s paws and gently rubbing your thumb over the nail areas.  Then hold up one paw and the clippers and pretend to clip the nails, slowly applying pressure to the nails.  Do this for a while to get the dog used to you handling its paws.  Reward good behaviour and this will make the task easier.

Once your puppy is comfortable with you holding its paws you can start actually clipping the nails.  Please make sure to clip the tips of the white parts of the nails.  Do not go in too deep or you will end up clipping blood vessels.  This is a very painful experience for the dog and can lead to malformation and permanent damage.  If you are not confident, take the dog to the vet regularly to have the nails clipped.


Your dog’s eyes are just as sensitive as yours, so cleaning should only be done around the eyes.  If there is a build-up of muck, wipe it clean with a soft, damp cloth or clean tissue.  Wipe around the eye very gently and that should be enough.  Muck inside the dog’s eyes can be flushed out by using a canine friendly solution that you can get from the vet or the pet store.  Position the bottle at a downward angle near (NOT IN) the dog’s eye and squeeze gently on the bottle.  The liquid should soon flush out the debris and you can reward your little hero for being a good dog.


Cavaliers with their long, floppy ears are prone to various ear infections.  It is important that you check the ears daily for signs of inflammation or irritation.  There are special ear cleaning solutions for dogs that can be sprayed onto a cotton ball or soft cloth.  Gently swab around the insides of the ears.  Be gentle and use a soothing tone to talk to your dog.  Never push in too deep or use Q-tips to clean your dog’s ears.

Next time we will look at visiting the vet with your Cavalier King Charles.

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