A Cavalier King Charles dog and Children

Charles 1st's Children

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a small, soft, cuddly and terribly cute little toy dog. With a royal history dating back to the time of King Charles I and II, the sheer elegance and beauty of the dog is breathtaking. Look deep into those large expressive eyes and stroke the soft downy coat and you will end up taking home a little Cavalier puppy.

But what is a Cavalier King Charles like with children?

Let me just state right at the very outset of this article that the breed is simply wonderfully with children. They have a gentle disposition and are non aggressive, friendly little guys, eager to please their owners all the time. The stable temperament and social nature of the dog makes it aptly suited to single owners as well as families. When properly socialized they fare very well with other household pets including dogs and cats.

If you have fallen for a Cavalier and are determined to take one home – good on you! What you will need to do is make sure that your children treat the dog with care and respect. They are small in stature and get easily injured leading to very serious complications. Because of the breed’s overly friendly and gentle nature, children will not find it hard to be kind and gentle with them in return.

Supervise a Cavalier at all times!

You will soon find that your Cavalier King Charles is a very curious little thing. Be very careful when you are outside with the dog as it is quite apt to wander off on its own exploration. Don’t leave small children alone with the dog because they may end up following the curious little dog on its wanderings.

When young the dogs are very playful and fun loving, and make great companions for children. But as they grow older they are going to need lots of mental and physical stimulation. This will help to prevent them from becoming aggressive and barking incessantly. If this happens, it is not normal behaviour for the breed so you need to make sure that it is not left alone or bored.

Cavalier owners will do well to remember that the breed is a typical lapdog, craving human contact and capable of pining when that contact is missing. Children need to be taught about the temperament of the dog and their need for human contact. The dog will want to constantly push its warm, furry body near owners and children. This contact should not be rebuffed rudely in any way.

Bottom line is the Cavalier King Charles is simply great with children; the dog asks only for lots of love in return for its unstinting loyalty.

Next time we will look at what to do when your Cavalier King Charles puppy comes home.  Till then, bye from George ‘woof’.

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